The Jokinisu Group

The Jokinisu Group consists of Jokinisu Cyprus Ltd. and Circle360Creative Solution Ltd. (Sri Lanka and Dubai). The first company is fully controlled by Jacob Juhl and the latter as a shared partnership.

The Jokinisu Group has been created and is run as a B-2-B platform promoting the group and our strong local partners in Cyprus and Sri Lanka, and their respective locations to content producers around the world with Jacob being involved in all ongoing productions.

Jacob Juhl has worked in the industry since the late 90’s and has over that span of years, including a stint of 10 years on both sides of the cameras, had leading executive roles in two major production houses: ViaPlay Group‘s former production arm, Strix, and at Banijay (in Mastiff Denmark as Head of Programs and then in Banijay Nordic as Head of Foreign Productions).

His work has primarily been in a showrunner capacity; creating, pitching, budgeting, selling and himself executing prime time reality entertainment shows for all Scandinavian broadcasters and to a few other territories and SVOD platforms as well. He is well known in The Survivor Community having run the show for many years.

Also local adaptations of formats such as Paradise Hotel, SAS - Who Dares Wins, Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, The Moment of Truth, Nation’s Brightest, FBI – Murder Mysteries and most recently FBoy-Island have had his fingerprints on them just to mention a few. He co-created with David Sidebotham and Mads Ulrik Holmstrup competition winners Bikini Island and The Bravest. Jacob Juhl has now chosen to leave the world of producing to enter the world of line-producing.


“I have been so lucky to have had two very long stints in big international production houses learning the trade from the best. They remain close friends and we mutually acknowledge that good locations and in-depth knowledge about not only content producing but also how these productions are set up always is in demand. With SVOD platforms blasting into the market that demand is only growing” , says Jacob, who emphasizes how important it is to have “… super professionals like Green Olive Films and Circle360 on board.

All successful line-productions depend on being anchored up locally. With the best!”.


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