Cyprus is a gem in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sporting what is known as the best weather of all European countries. The country is emerging as a vital player in the industry of tv and film production and is investing heavily in attracting producers from around the world through their recently expanded Incentive Scheme under the auspices of Invest Cyprus and the Cyprus Film Commission, led by Chairman of the Cyprus Film Commission, Lefteris S. Eleftheriou. Please take a look at this brochure ​to learn more about incentives in Cyprus.

Jokinisu Cyprus Ltd is also happy to announce that we now have an exclusive deal with line-production market leader Green Olive Films. Green Olive Films has an office in Nicosia, Cyprus and one in Athens, Greece as well. The company has a staff of wonderful and wonderfully skilled producers, project- and unit managers and a strong accounting department. Green Olive Films has been operating in Cyprus and Greece for more than two decades. It is owned and led by Simos Manganis and Dionysios Manganis.

The weather and shooting window in Cyprus is from mid-March through to mid-November.


Sri Lanka is a must-see-must-experience nation. The country literally offers such a diverse bouquet of locations of extreme beauty that words don’t suffice. Having recovered from one year of political distress in 2022 Sri Lanka is now 100 % ready to again welcome feature films and reality shows. Filming can take place inland in the mountains, East on the beautiful shores, and on the South and West coasts with the imposing houses and resorts. With highly competitive prices and an infrastructure that leaves nothing out the country is attractive for Bollywood and also for Western productions.

Our local partner is Circle360Creative Solution. The company is established in 2021 and is run by a staff of highly educated, super motivated, hardworking and dedicated film workers. It is led by Yasas Ratnayake and Jacob Juhl and has already line-produced four major reality shows and one major Indian Bollywood TV series. The staff is – besides skillful – a joy to work with. A statement that originates from our own lived experience during the shoot of two HBO MAX-shows in 2022, one of which Jokinisu director Jacob Juhl was the showrunner for. The relationship was so good, that Jokinisu (through Jacob) now is both a shareholder and a director in the company.

Weather and shooting windows in Sri Lanka are very interesting. The South/West coast has an opposite weather profile than the more remote East coast. In the Southern and Western regions shooting is best from December through April, whereas the East works perfectly from May through October.


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